Scientific Influences

Across the river in 1898 Pirri Francisco writes "From the triumphant socialism, or what will be my country within 200 years," it surprises us with Uruguayan inventions such as the 'telepalo laptop' a wireless communication medium, and a bracelet with electric cell that killed microbes, you understand that at that time was believed that electricity could do anything. My spell, eternal tyrant, placed next to this part of the article "… and Pirri, you will not write anything more than this, if it was a genius, was …" I was tempted to send him to a place deep breathe unwelcome but and extended the issue somewhat. Born in Montevideo in 1847 Holmberg is the parallel but his fortune came from his job as auctioneer, in 1886 published a fascinating book "A people who laughs", purchasing a large tract of land from Sugarloaf to the sea, plant trees to beat the field to the dunes, the old type Gesell. In 1897 built Pirri Castillo, a city bearing his name 'Piriapolis', was also part of the construction of the Hotel Argentino, but left out the important thing as an electric bath, a Steinway and a heater autopiano sources of platinum.

In addition to writing a literature contradictory quirks in their political ideas in "The triumphant socialism, or …" poses a socialism that upholds the capital (?). These two ancestors of the CF currents were influenced by scientism of the time and flying the cause of Darwin. The world was becoming smaller, French I'Isle Villier of Adam in "The future was" invented the term droid in the year 1886, a year after the "Frankenstein" by Mary Selley influence Quiroga Lugones and their representativeness of social time.