Smiling Faces In The House Which Clubs Family In Berlin-Neukolln

BALLY WULFF Foundation donates foosball table Berlin, June 28, 2012. As the family home offers the kid Fash GmbH”in Berlin/Neukolln, all members of a family of different offers, programs and facilities. Because the donation was the BALLY WULFF Foundation in the form of a table kickers. Because once a month the Foundation awards a foosball table to Neukolln facilities or supported by property or cash donations. At first, it was still quite quiet in the House of the family kid Fash GmbH”, but as the children with radiant faces took the new foosball table in reception, it was really alive in the room. Now, the new foosball table the BALLY WULFF stands in the parent and children’s Library Foundation. As a result, the children’s and youth work of the institution should be supported. Because the game resonates with all of our children and young people”find Nuran Kara, the head of the institution.

Next to the library, kid Fash GmbH offers”a colorful intercultural concept of education, consulting, family Cafe and leisure activities. Thus, this is Open House for citizens regardless of sex, age, origin and religion and want to create a trusting atmosphere for the whole family. Offer received so positively by the neighborhood, the now 3 full-time employees, 14 employees of the civil work and 20 honorary forces for kid Fash GmbH”are active. A promotion of part of is done by the space of action plus”Neukolln. To receive the offer, the team is instructed volunteers and money or in-kind donations, as it, for example, with the kicker donation of BALLY WULFF Foundation was the case. Who wants to support the family’s House in Neukolln, Glasower Road 53/54, phone can directly with the staff under the: 030 / 240 32 291 inform.