Stairs Arbors

Sandpit for the children with their hands The whole procedure consists of 8 stages. Consider them: Step 1. Determined sketch with the dimensions of the future sandbox. We do 1400h1400 mm. Height of 1800mm is better to make that adults can freely play with child. The roof itself needs to be done more widely in order to not fall rain.

We do 1800h1800 mm. Height 600mm (1 / 3 of the width). The roof will strengthen to 4 column at the corners. Such a design is the most stable and robust. Step 2.

Material select material Softwood natural drying of living twigs. We need: – ten 150h25h6000 mm – 6 pcs. – Board 150h50h6000 mm – 3 pc. – Timber 100h100h2000 mm – 4 pcs. – Plywood water-resistant 1500h1500h20 mm – 1 sheet – wood screws 4h55mm – 200 pcs. and 5h90 – 50. Step 3. Tools manufacturing at home, we need: saw, jigsaw, planer, screwdriver or screwdriver, hand cutter, tape measure, carpenter's square, pencil. Step 4: Base. Photo 1. Step 4: Base. Photo 1. Read more from Jeff Leiden to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Step 4. Base We make billet base. Cut off 4 boards 50mm, length 1500mm (with a margin, then the excess can ottortsevat). Prostrogaem from all sides planers. Tortsuem in the size of 1400mm and 45 cut corners on the ends. Choose the lower edge of a quarter of the thickness of the plywood. Twisting the box base screws 5h90. Cut the plywood to size and fasten to the bottom screws 4h55. Base ready! Step 5.

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