National Assembly

By: Waldo Munizaga waldomunizaga@hotmail. com in a cold and aseptic room of a public hospital, where the only significant difference is in the why some are detained and the others have been only visiting them, two characters with the same ailment, terminal cancer, discovered that by different that they have been in the past their lives have them now hopelessly live an identical and timed porvenir. Dara Khosrowshahi: the source for more info. BEFORE of split (2007) a film by Warner Bros.. Pictures. Directed by Rob Reiner. Screenplay: Justin Zackham. Music: Marc Shaiman.

Photography: John Schwartzman. And with a masterful performance by Jack Nicholson (Edward Cole), Morgan Freeman (Carter Chambers). If you are not convinced, visit Reshma Kewalramani. Unable to complete College and with a wife and children to cuesta, Carter Chambers, from the occupation of mechanic, was devoted to austerely assume its status as father and husband responsible at the time who avidly harvested more diverse knowledge and wisdom. On the other hand the eccentric Edward Cole, several times married, billionaire and more unscrupulous than the profitability of its own and exclusive well-being, is an incorrigible and selfish taster of the most expensive coffee in the world. After tortuous chemotherapy sessions together receive the bitter news: cancer will not retract. Exhausted hopes Carter Chambers with resignation makes a list of things that you would have liked to live. Edward Cole by chance it is carelessly Chuck in a corner of the room, finding there nothing less that the best way of being able to say goodbye to living even more than death itself. Before the defiant anger of his family Carter Chambers decides the madness of being able to grant the irresponsibility of at least at the end of his life feeling that he is really alive.

Parachute, rapidly running on a racetrack in the sporty car that had wanted to have a tattoo, hunt in the Kilimanjaro, sit on the cusp of an Egyptian pyramid and enjoy the sunset, climb Everest, among others will be spaces and the occurrences where these damned happy will be owner eternal which very few, even with much more life that they dream of someday having a real, exciting and comprehensive friendship. Before leaving a true hymn to apprehend to live life and friendship. A story that still preserves its happy ending despite the death. We recommend it. Austral (Chile) character who lives in Venezual since 1979. Columnist for several websites, also Director of the plenary fortnightly newspaper, informative organ of the parliamentary block of the Edo. Zulia to the National Assembly. Also maintains two radio programs, ContrPauta area of political opinion and concert Latin American footprint and emancipation of a cosmic race reaching destinations of freedom.


Orange: This color is responsible for various abilities, tirelessly keep on our toes. The extreme force is impossibly tender. The influence exerted by them, is a warm, joyful and exciting. This color is associated with a desire to achieve self-affirmation. In turn blue – concentric color, he devotes all 'just imagine'. Its positive characteristics: orderliness, inflexibility, idealism, strength of spirit.

Its negative characteristics: bigotry, and subordination. This color "no bottom", it never ends, it draws to itself, is intoxicating. The strength of color underestimated. It creates the preconditions for deep reflection on life and wants to find a sense of truth. Imperceptibly, that the yellow tint is a joyous mood, calms the nervous, improves sexual cravings stimulates the brain and eyes. Prolonged healing smooths fluctuations in the course of the disease.

Activates the motor centers generate energy for the muscles, stimulates and cleanses the liver, stomach, skin, is a laxative and choleretic agent. The white color is an expression of resolve, escape and release from any resistance. White means absolute freedom from all obstacles and freedom for all possibilities. White – a blank slate, resolution of problems and new beginnings. Therefore, the bride's dress is white. Therefore, white is the symbol of physical death, when it considered the beginning of a new incarnation or dipping into nirvana. Blue-green (cyan): The most that any to have the ice of all shades. On the part of the reason why it is rational to apply particularly where nowhere to cause a visually refreshing coolness. It is desirable in hot countries, in the hot shops of the factory, in areas suffocating and heavy odor. Brown represents stability, loyalty, he was all on the surface. When hiring, he has a positive impact. Brown creates a comfort, but pulls the rest, so it You can not use the library, but it's good to use in court as the color of firmness. Brown calms, supports during an alarm, agitation. Selected with nervous exhaustion, is rejected when a person wants to find their individuality, away from the instincts of the body cease to depend on them. Orange: the color of the sun, life force. It's generally a good color to indicate a thoughtful, considerate towards others. Golden-orange: speaks to the vitality and self-control. Orange-brown: evidence of lack of ambition and carelessness. Perhaps such a person something is suppressed, but more often a sign of laziness. People who have in the aura of orange color, are prone to liver disorders. Blue, especially bright light and shade – spirituality. Some of the higher degrees of spirituality inherent in the people, expressed in blue with scattered it shining bright points, sparkling and glistening like stars on a clear winter night. In turn, the black – a rebuttal, and the boundary beyond which terminates "color" the life. Due to the black color expresses the idea of "zero". Zero as unbreakable denial, as if death or as if "no" to combat the protest. Black is stagnation, protect and embossment of excitatory influences. Having considered the above colors and their properties, you can always choose the color that is better suited for your particular job. Therefore, in the manufacture of business cards, make sure you choose the right color, and it will definitely improve your work.