Rio De Janeiro

The Urban Legion started to produce more and musics. the presentations increased gradual. The act of contract of the Paralamas of the Success for a recorder avivou the interest for the rock produced in Brasilia. A related site: Viatcheslav Mirilashvili mentions similar findings. In July of 1983, Urban Legion and Capital Initial had presented in the Flying Circus in Rio De Janeiro, having opened the show of Lobo and Ronaldos. After the Flying Circus, the Urban Legion started to also travel for So Paulo. Renato, that had started to work in a radio of Brasilia, after arrived one of its trips and communicated to its Ari, the head: ' ' I came to ask for resignation because we were contracted by EMI? Odeon.' ' The linking of the director-artistic one of EMI, Jorge Davidson, happened after writings of the first COMPACT DISC of the Paralamas of the Success.

The group of Hebert Vianna spoke very of Renato, and one day decided to touch Chemistry. Jorge asked to the vocalista of the Paralamas: ' ' This music is of vocs also? ' ' , it answered: ' ' Not, this music is of a friend mine of Brasilia. It is everything what I would like ser.' ' Renato communicated to the excessively integrant ones of the band and the trio left for Rio De Janeiro. They had signed a contract standard. But they had soon been come across with the first obstacle: the recorder wanted to brighten up the sound of the band. the Urban Legion did not accept.

After two months of wait in Brasilia it came the notice of that who would record the first COMPACT DISC of the band would be Jose Emilio Rondeau, journalist whom it wrote on music in periodicals as the Globe, Periodical of Music and Periodical of Brazil. Renato was contented. Before this, however, the Urban Legion had become one quarteto. Renato had cut the pulses.


One of the main problems observed for the group was to the question of the inadequate management of the urban solid residues of the city. In view of the lack of physical spaces for implantation of new sanitary aterros, as well as the conservation of the natural resources, the project has for objective to increase the useful life of it fills with earth bathroom of the city of Itabirito, through proposals techniques. How solution to increase the useful life of it I fill with earth bathroom, we have as proposals:? To diminish the amount of solid residues you recycle destined I fill with earth to it, through efficient a selective collection in the city. Since the implanted selective collection in the city does not function of full form, restricting in 29 quarters of the city (FEAM, 2010), being the total of 52 quarters. But 17% of the residues you recycle generated they are destined stops selection, being the remain destined to the o I fill with earth bathroom;? To improve the infrastructure of the plant of processed selection in the ASCITO (Association of catadores of Materials You recycle of Itabirito), therefore the local reality is precarious, a time that the employees are not equipped by the had EPIS s and the evident lack of mats of selection and modern equipment, together with the lack of physical space for a correct disposal of the residues;? To improve the degree of compacting and preservation of the dismissable solid residues and the organic substance I fill with earth in it. Through the reduction of the solid residues during the collection, at the moment where it arrives I fill with earth at it and after the ousting I fill with earth in it. Beyond these cited proposals, we have as measured proposals the implantation of a campaign of ambient awareness, which must be divulged in all the quarters of the city, informing the importance of the participation of all the citizens in the process of improvement of the current situation of city.