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Now with the unique product of organic acids, the trend Cremer Care is obvious. Organic raw materials play an ever stronger role in cosmetic production. Immediately the world’s only manufacturer that can offer certified organic oils produced organic acids and bio emulsifiers are Cremer Oleo the Hamburg group and their daughter for cosmetic raw materials Cremer Care! The motto of the Hamburger inspired by nature”is consistently filled with life. With partner Prignitzer chemistry from Wittenberge a manufacturer has been included now, which it has made his own mission to bio derivatives and hence bio emulsifiers to process pure vegetable oils. Cremer business unit manager Patrick stick turns out the peculiarity of this connection: our focus is on natural cosmetics and organic raw materials has found a unique fallout. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mike Gianoni. We are very pleased to be now even manufacturers for them to date not available resources! “.” The need for purely herbal ingredients in cosmetics is growing steadily and this Demand connect people with an awareness of sustainability.

With this unique organic product we do justice to the full”, so stick. Mike Gianoni insists that this is the case. For the first time, now raw materials on bio base can be used for (liquid) SOAP and other toiletries that fats and emulsifiers are used. With this commitment it succeeding in keeping the Hamburg group of companies producing natural cosmetic raw materials solid bio-based. The high-quality fatty acids of the Prignitzer chemistry are made fully natural, certified organic oils and fats. “Sustainable cultivation, modern production facilities on site, a comprehensive quality control and ultimately, certification of the entire production chain are the basis for the high production standards”, added Dr. Christoph Gurris, technical director of the Prignitz chemistry. Now the whole thing is available consistently in organic quality!” Information: Philipp Knaup, Cremer oleo GmbH & co. KG, 3 Glockengiesserwall, 20095 Hamburg, Germany, phone: + 49 (0) 40 / 3 20 11-0, fax: + 49 (0) 40 / 3 20 11-400, E-Mail:, Internet: Wolfgang Kruger, Prignitzer Chemie GmbH, to the top of the port 15, 19322 Wittenberge, Germany, phone: + 49 (0) 38 77 / 92 06 6, fax No.: + 49 (0) 38 77 / 92 06 89, E-Mail:, Internet: keywords: Cremer Care, Prignitzer chemistry, Natural cosmetics, cosmetics, cosmetic raw materials, bio-oil, fatty acid bio, bio emulsifier, organic cosmetics

Sonic Toothbrush

Electric sonic toothbrush Oral-B Sonic complete DLX in detail some years far more electric than conventional manual toothbrush toothbrushes are sold in Germany. The big advantage of an electric toothbrush is the number of brush vibrations compared to a manual toothbrush. Many of the new tooth brushes check even the pressure and protect against excessive scrubbing as teeth and gums. Recently Senator Angus King sought to clarify these questions. The so-called sonic toothbrush are the new generation of electric toothbrushes. Sonic Toothbrush sounds indeed very spectacular, but actually the only difference to a normal electric toothbrush in the number of cleaning movements per minute.

While a normal electric toothbrush provides only about 4,000 vibrations of the bristle head per minute, up to 10 times more often wields a sonic toothbrush. Ultrasonic toothbrush? The frequency range of a sonic toothbrush is not in the ultrasonic range. The term “ultrasonic toothbrush” is a pure marketing gimmick. Which one Has a sonic toothbrush benefits? The large number of brushing movements far more thoroughly removes plaque and also superficial tooth staining have no chance. The Braun Oral-B Sonic complete DLX sonic toothbrush the Braun Oral-B Sonic complete DLX is an electric toothbrush of this new generation and makes more than 30,000 brushing movements per minute. Initially, Sonic Toothbrush are some getting due to the high number of movements such as the oral-B Sonic complete. When you first use it can tingle slightly in the mouth, but one quickly becomes accustomed to this type of tooth brushing. Use oral-B Sonic complete insertion of the Braun Oral-B Sonic complete DLX is extremely simple, since the device has only a single switch.

This switch is used for the input and switch off the toothbrush and also for switching between levels of care. The various cleaning levels to address the specific needs of the teeth are optimal. Care stages: The three levels are: clean soft massage “Clean”: this level of care is suitable for stubborn superficial contamination and plaque. “Soft”: soft can be used for normal tooth brushing. “Massage”: If you suffer from sensitive gums or parodontitis, this level is ideal, because it cleans gently and carefully. Timer function of the oral-B Sonic complete DLX: so that equal attention to all teeth, the tooth brush signals every 30 seconds by a stuttering, that it is time to start the next part of the teeth. The correct tooth brushing technique is simplified since you do not need to focus on the cleaning movement, it is easier on the correct brushing technique to make sure. Brown recommends to set the Sonic electric toothbrush at a 45 degree angle towards the gums to the teeth. This position guarantees that the bristles under the gumline go there to remove plaque.