E-commerce, to buy and to sell by the Brief network introduction of the electronic commerce, stores and centers of purchases in the network. The technological advances of the computation and the communications by Internet have been evolving the activities of the people, as well as the form to make businesses. Nouriel Roubini may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Internet has consolidated like the ideal platform for the development of small and great companies, when allowing the globalisation of products and services. The commerce also has seen beneficiary with these advances, with the call E-commerce or electronic commerce. And, what is the E-commerce? The E-commerce (Electronic Commerce) is the purchase and sale of goods and services through Internet and more specifically in the World Wide Web. We could say that the E-commerce is structured by " Virtual stores in Web sites that offer catalogues in line. Virtual commercial Centers have even been created with great amount of stores yet type of accessories for the sale.

This form of electronic commerce has consolidated to great companies that already they appear in stock-market of values and they are more of the visited vestibules of Internet. For example, has consolidated like the most important bookstore of the world, having received several million visitors to month and thousands of book orders; it has abierto including new services of sale of music and videos due to the success that it has achieved and that must partly to the interaction with the users who can recommend books and on the matter write their opinions in the same section where he is sold. Another outstanding in this field is CD-NOW, store where all type of music can be acquired and simultaneously to find information on all the artists who appear there. And thus, hundreds of businesses have been born in Internet and other companies that already had consolidated in the market, are making the transition, offering every time better services by the generated competition. Aerial computers, electric home appliances, furniture, books, music, films, video games, tickets, sport reservations, articles, floral adjustments, clothes and action they are only some of products and services that can easily be acquired in line.

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