Canon Drum

Such cases are rare. Source: Enterprise Access Network. 6. What is not recommended! Never shake the cartridge kogda toner. First, if the cartridge toner raining, you breathe mozhete kantserogenny toner and fill them printer. Inside there are some printers fan, which will distribute the toner on the printer, and some of the ego to pollute the atmosphere room. Second, in hp printers and Canon, when toner is low, and it ends in the middle of the cartridge, spindle, on kotory toner has recruited poverhnost rough, with no toner zapolirovyvaetsya and stop typing toner. Therefore, seal in the center of the sheet becomes pale. If konchaetsya toner, and paper to print Compulsory, then slowly turn the cartridge in both sides, rotating around a transverse axis ego. Nina Devlin contains valuable tech resources.

This will print more nekotoroe kolichestvo sheets. Ideal for office – have an extra cartridge, as toner in the cartridge obychno neozhidannsch ends. Can not leave the cartridge in hot and sunny places. All cartridges – black. Black plastic is heated in the sun a lot.

In our practice has been the case with cartridge refills kotory brought on, but it does not fill udalos, and he was returned to the owner, when he was in torzhestvenno otpravlen musorku, and the owner priobrel novye. IT'S all poluchilos for rasplavivshegosya tonera because kotorogo glued together between all the internal soboy sostavlyayuschie cartridge. Do not make tankers pour toner in your cartridge 'to the eyeballs. " The reason is tom, that in the hopper with toner, located agitator mixes kotoraya toner and distributes evenly ego Firmware entire width of the cartridge. Agitator izgotovlena thin plastic and does not require a big effort to break it. Cartridge CO slomanoy stirrer pokazyvaet end of the toner, it hotya mozhet be polnym. As we already know, the gaps poyavlyayutsya poseredine print the sheet over its entire length. The consequence of this print cartridge will polish the shaft, gaining the toner in the central part, we wrote about this before. Another negative point – the increased load on the system shesterenok printer. Do not handle hands on the drum (this is a brilliant shaft of blue, green, red or brown) and for refilling ink cartridges nosite packages with traces of oils or fats. Kogda can start typing poyavitsya omissions in place contact drum and fatty items. This can be fixed drum rubbing dry, soft, lint-free cloth. Do not expose the drum unit from scratches, its replacement – an expensive undertaking. Do not expose the drum unit sunlight, its photosensitive layer over time loses svoi svoystva in contact with it sunshine poetomu, in consequence, can print with a transverse pale stripe. Do not use paper with staples. In this povrezhdaetsya thermo stove and drum. The costs of the case in that there remont mogut sostavit do poloviny price printer. It happens that in oragnizatsii accumulates many sheets of paper clips. Soberly assess the benefits use of recycled paper, because even a left clip may result in printer neispravnoe sostoyanie. If you are using 2-sided printing, you nado know that the drum life decreases. Delo here to tom chto: when print on the front side of the sheet, the paper passes through the oven dried and becomes more rigid, and when the paper vtorichnom through the printer, it bolshe abrade the drum. We hope that this article will help You look at the problem of purchase on the other hand, as well as save on costs associated to the maintenance of printers and copiers, and zapravkoy remontom cartridges.


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