How Autoresponder Works

2) Who cares but not enough to send you an email and leave the site. 3) That is not interested in what you see and go there as well, with the obvious possibility that never returned. As is so little time available to appeal to a person when you enter a website, it happens that generally go away with very little information, ie, without knowing or fully understand what it was. In other words, we had the opportunity to demonstrate conclusively that's what we offer, what are its advantages or benefits and what our proposals or conditions. Whenever a website is a form for anyone interested put your data and send an email requesting more information. But the form is there does not mean to fill it and return it, there will be many who will be withdrawn before the end of reading the form. To solve these problems was created autoresponder. This is where, indeed, involve the autoresponder, HOW IT WORKS What you should do is place your ads and target URL BUT NOT Put your home page, but you put a landing page (previously designed for this purpose), also called, as we saw, "landing page".

This site is characterized by providing "only certain information" and shows you a registration form, that when the prospect (prospect) full, so if you can access the site to see what it is and stay informed. So to know that it must complete the form. Well, this person has filled out the form with all your data, you can immediately access the site.