A Tarzan With Few Media

February 19 we remember the singer of AC/DC, Bon Scott have that in the early days of the band, when they had no money nor to wardrobe. It occurred to Bon, to enter by the front door in Melbourne with his next concert, they had to continue showing signs of eccentricity, although they had no or for a light cannon. As he was a strong guy, (had worked as a freight unloader) requested that they ataran a rope and with her balancearia above the audience emulating Tarzan. It was both his enthusiasm that, although the idea was not well received among members of the team for security reasons, ended up dating him and in the middle of Ecstasy final, was launched on the public. What had not foreseen is that the length of the rope was not adequate and the singer ended the sorrowful crowd that fought for removing the loincloth. I must say that when Bob managed to reach back to the stage, on its own since his team was from laughing, not neither the athletic supporter was already you that had been placed beneath the loincloth. I think that it did not repeat the experience. Of course, worst ideas that had these will save them for another day original author and source of the article.