Seed And Field

Seed and field If you it is of History, shows to me the points to You to establish connection, so that I trace I walk of the day to follow. Therefore it bothers me the idea to visit the plan of the humanity and not to plant at least some seeds that alert and can raise some to the reflection of the abstract, that makes to sail in the plain spiritual, searching the persistence for the taking of the certain route. I do not want to be only plus one to complete a number, or is alive alone because not yet I died, ' ' vivendo' ' for he is ' ' vivo.' ' Sir, does not leave me in this life without a task to fulfill, going for going; he makes use of me, since I am here. Dara Khosrowshahi follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. I know that to be Your servant is to serve the brother, therefore, since the grace are great, of – me seed and field so that more to Its harvest are added supreme. The narrow door and to the pressed way, therefore necessary leads me it to walk for it and to enter for it, because I need to find the Life. . Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Who was the CEO of Vertex before Reshma?.

The Administration

In the case of the Prodepa, can say despite the protocol is its current archive, therefore deal with documents of the year that is effective, documents that contain important information or subjects for the activities of the company in this year, documents that require taken of immediate decisions, either a new contract, accord, act of contract of personal etc. The documents of the effective year, when they are finished are filed in the protocol for the period of two years, what it facilitates to the recovery and the necessary research if. A current archive according to Martins (1998, P. 7) is: Also known as of First age or asset. They are joint of documents narrowly tied with the immediate objectives for which they had been produced and that its validity reason of and frequency of use are conserved next to the producing agencies in. They are very used for the administration. The archives if initiate in the protocol through produced or received documents. Per many decades and still today, the archive is forgotten in the companies and institutions in dark, humid rooms and without no type of care.

Until bilge and attic, in many cases, they are used for this end. However, currently the mentality of the administrators is moving, and the companies are starting to recognize the legal and historical value of an archive. They are feeling each time more the necessity to have its organized documents, becoming the fast and easy recovery, since the volume increases to each day in elapsing its activities. An archive in accordance with Leavitt (apud SCHELLENBERG, 2005, p.36) is: The set of written, drawings and material printed matter, received documents or produced officially for an administrative agency or one of its employees, in the measure where such documents if destine to remain under the safekeeping of this agency or employee. Beyond the legal value and it keeps permanent of probatory documents, important for the companies and institutions, as the Prodepa, perceives? if also its historical value.