World Color

This light is good for shooting outdoor portraits, as the subtle gradations of light and shade serves to emphasize the soft plastic face. Facilities, construction of which is composed of rigid geometric shapes (eg, architectural), in a weather shooting is not recommended, because without the black and white contrast is difficult to determine their geometric basis. Haze is favorable for shooting on color film. The location and type of clouds also affect the results of shooting. When cumulus clouds, due to the reflected light from clouds, increasing the illumination in the shadows, which is favorable for both color and black and white shots. When cloudy weather sometimes formed zone lighting. It arises when a ray of light breaks through the clouds and illuminates only a small portion of the surface. This lighting can be used to create engaging photographs, for example in a dark tone.

When shooting on location at color film is important to correctly determine the spectral composition of light. It needs to be evaluated separately for the sunlight to light the sky and for the total light from the sun and sky. Total full-time white light (at the height of sun for more than 15 ), which falls on the object in the world, has approximately 4800-5200 K. When taking pictures in color film to consider changing the spectral composition at dawn, dusk and on cloudy days. The spectrum and intensity radiation changes are also on the location of the object – in sun or shade. With a clear sky when the atmosphere scattered blue-violet and ultraviolet rays, the shadows lit by blue light.

Adobe Photoshop

I love making pictures of their relatives and friends, but the more I love to make out the photos in the program Adobe Photoshop. On my site in the gallery shows only a small part of the pictures to be processed by Photoshop. Some scary word Adobe Photoshop, because everywhere they write – is a professional program contains a set of powerful tools and instruments for any graphic work and is intended for webmasters and designers. All Pro-Am seem difficult and unattainable. What is the difference between professionals from the usual amateur photographers who also want to work in this program? Professionals know on what buttons to press in the program and what teams enjoy. And we are worse? If a simple amateur photographer choose the right team and put up the options you want, he will get the same effect on your photos like a pro.

Photo editing and montage really are not that complex operations. My passion started with photoshop photoshop first, when I photographed his brother in the vest at home, and then changed the background on the marine landscape, where he stood on board the beautiful yachts. Looking now at this job, I see that the selection was not done very neatly and the background is not quite clear. But it was the first montage! Work in the program so captured me that Photoshop has become for me a passionate hobby, which I have given all my spare time. I soon learned how to embed photos in frames, change the background, to work with filters, apply styles and masks. Photos began to turn into greeting cards or montage. Now I myself am writing lessons on Photoshop for beginners who want to master this wonderful program. Professional can you not be, but after a photoshop your pictures will be unique author work to be proud of.