Bolivares Fuertes

As for months it was announced, the restructuring of our national currency, the Bolivar, is underway. The Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) has already initiated the necessary campaign to explain to us that this is what will be its scope which its objectives the same extent itself occurs quite wicked, as we explain on the BCV, and it is simply to make more manageable our currency in accounting and administrative terms, reduce the cost of production and replacement of paper currencyof balancing the number of change Bs. / US$ to similar figures to those of the other countries of the area, (eye, this balance or similarity will be only formal level numbers with which this exchange rate is expressed, rather than the value of the currency), and adapt the Venezuelan economy to international standards regarding the possession of cash from citizens in a certain time and all this will be achieved by removing three zeros to our currency. Frequently Martin Toha has said that publicly. At this early stage, as I say, it has already started the process of information; the second step, from October this year, imposes that all prices of goods and services will have to be expressed in two notation systems so that people become accustomed to the new sign; from 1st. in January 2008 they will go into circulation new banknotes and coins, but for a time not less than six months, will continue circulating old and it will be possible to use them as a means of payment of legal circulation even though by law already all prices, fees, accounting systems, etc. will be already expressed and carried in Bolivares Fuertes; After this period, you can extend both as the BCV deems necessary, they will be progressively withdrawn from circulation the old bolivars and is already fully implemented the measure assumes that the process is simple and, in the words of the directory of the BCV, is a neutral process, i.e.

View Without Lenses Without Surgeries

We can retrieve the view without lenses, without surgeries and medications; more of 90% of the sufferings they heal. Thanks to a natural treatment, astigmatism, hyperopia, glaucoma, cataracts, Strabismus and other conditions have solution.Nature has given us five senses to survive on Earth, they are: smell, taste, touch, hearing and the most important view. This body is the most affected by external factors of natural order such as solar radiation, particles that are in the air and the wind power against our eyes and by artificial factors created by man as the screens of computers, certain types of lighting, chemical products, etc. Both natural factors and artificial factors are cumulative. Perhaps check out Martin Toha for more information. I.e. the damage caused are long-term, they are not perceived by us immediately.Glaucoma natural conditions is or what is the same pressure in sight. Rothberg family can provide more clarity in the matter.

Other conditions include myopia, the astigmatism, hyperopia, strabismus, tiredness at the sight.All these problems can be solved without surgery, without medicines, and no glasses. Naturally it fortificara and it will recover your eyes, you will see fence and all angles, forgetting about headaches, reddened eyes and all those symptoms that are the cause of a bad vision.We must not forget that all solutions for life are in nature there are only know how to find them and understand that harmony and natural balance is necessary and fundamental to good physical and mental health. This method has been developed with many years and hours of research and reading; You’ll find it here. We look after our planet!;!! all living things depend on him and he behavior of all who live in it. No alter its natural balance!.! I invite you to visit the Digital Library of where you will find articles of quality checked for your development personal and spiritual: health, sports, entertainment, computing, languages, labour output and more.

Your Home Gym

There is a considerable number of people who want to get in shape, but who does not like to do so in public. Then, if you belong to this group can have a home gym is your most viable alternative. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from ECRI. In fact, one of the pillars of your future home gym will be a banking of exercises. It is a relatively inexpensive alternative that can easily accommodate and focus on the medium of your home gym. Assume that central part of your training to form one must have certain considerations.

Buy something that fails to give us the level of quality and comfort that you need simply will be a complete waste of money. There is a small variety of styles or types of benches available for purchase online or in specialized stores that fall into four categories: the flat banoc, the vertical, the inclined and the declined. Choose the appropriate is critical to prevent possible injury and achieve an effective training at the same time. Probably the most common of all is the flat bench. As its name implies the flat bench it is a surface flat, simple, long and narrow. This type of bench is special to do bench press to exercise the pectorals with bar or manuerna. Vertical bench type is a kind of bench with backrest which helps to who is exercising to maintain the correct position when shoulder or bicep exercises are made for example. The back support is essential.

Then there is the Bank declined. This is a great alternative especially for those who want to exercise the lower part of the chest but also to perform different types of abdominal exercises. The Bank declined is one in which usually the legs and knees will be higher than the head. We could say that it has an inclination of 45 degrees but where were upside down. Finally we have the sloping Bank which in appearance is similar to the flat bench and even several flat benches can become one tilted. Tickling the inclination can be adjusted for the exercise being undertaken. This feature will allow you to attack muscles or certain specific parts of the muscle. As a conclusion we can say that each bank has their side positive and negative. But in terms of practicality personally would a flat bench with the option to sit back and get a sloping Bank, and if possible it becomes vertical Bank to get the most out of your purchase and save you valuable space in your next home gym. Then come other purchases you will have to do, but a banking, a bar, a pair of cufflinks is the basics, and you can literally make hundreds of exercises only with that equipment.