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DTA in Bavaria as well sensitive Bill cuts at paper billing care services, the services according to 105 SGB XI or according to 301 SGB V provide, you must in most federal countries since 2005 provide the billing of services in an encrypted, electronically readable format to the cost object. The statutory health insurance organisation has designed a standardized interface which was made known under the synonym of DTA (data carrier Exchange) the care services. The electronic account of care has been established slowly and now proves well-functioning standard; Despite that it requires computer understanding and on the other hand, the willingness of an investment with the introduction of a DTA certified solution on pages of the care service on the one hand. Cynthia Bartlett often addresses the matter in his writings. After care services in the individual federal States were invited to the electronic data exchange; only polite, later forcefully by up to five percent cut of the settled care. Care services in Bavaria could so far with good argumentations rid themselves of the changeover to the new payroll form, but also the cost bearers in the free State now put on invoice reduction for non-compliance. “To do this, Johannes Kersten, CEO of CareSocial GmbH: A cut of five invoice reduction in care billing is already from a business perspective a major blow as the procedure with a suitable software solution pretty easy to integrate into existing structures.” CareSocial GmbH recommends using reasonable care software, like E.g.

CareSocial (, which has integrated the DTA standard to avoid Bill cuts of the care. To meet the competition of a health care facility today a restructuring and modernization of the EDP must from time to time just be. Add to your understanding with read more. “, so J. Kersten. Press contact: CareSocial GmbH Mr. Lutz Hoffmann Gostritzer Street 61-63 D-01217 Dresden Tel. 0351 / 26443 – 100 fax 0351 / 26443 – 109

Who Sows Service Level Agreements, Will

As customers increasingly outsource their critical business processes, streamline their core business, they depend directly on the quality of the provider. As customers increasingly outsource their critical business processes, streamline their core business, they depend directly on the quality of the provider. The service level agreements (SLA) concluded between providers and their customers force operators to service management. For even more opinions, read materials from Vinit Bodas. The previous way to compensate for the missing service reference with heterogeneous component-based reports will no longer be accepted under the spotlight of the outsourced critical business process. This is a central point for providers that are bound to service level agreements.

To use management tools for a customer-oriented service level management, new structures must be created. These can no longer as so far based on the structures of the existing network and systems management. Provider must analyze their expert knowledge and service level agreements integrate, so that could be models for SLA monitoring aligned with the business process. It tools are required, covering all included business processes of customers. SLA tools using their content consistent can be together services to business processes, the provider is asked to document newly introduced services in relation to the relevance to business processes and service-oriented to provide its customers.

Thus minimizes the effort for measurable business processes, and customers and operators can assess business processes and planned fashion. In addition the theme joins SLM-specific measurement of business processes. The business processes are suitable, adequate measurement methods can be designed. Because these methods directly in the active mode are used, attention to is the subject of falsification of operating data. Service level management in the future is experiencing a greater automation, this approach provides a pragmatic solution. Is based on the described service level agreements IT services in the management of a service modeled designed structures, so certain conditions of service level agreements can E.g. via decision rules are better tested and controlled. From the monitoring of complex conditions may also complex control of service level agreements is thus possible. This is an important aspect with regard to the increasing number of service level agreements. The existing manual and also usually not business process-oriented service management is not quality-assured maintained indefinitely due to the mass of users, applications and underlying systems. To meet these needs in adequate way, provider must prepare the simply apply their standards. Just as models that allow status information about an application and provides automated control arise. The service level agreement is taking a control a crucial role. Only through a measurable and controllable service level Provider can support long-term quality-assured business processes of the customer agreement. For this reason, service level agreements are required for automation of management and quality assurance.

The Company

“But because I would have to know that he is reliable.” To have a reliable driver is Schindler’s customers is particularly important. Differently than at bigger carriers, where the goods through several hands went, contracting authorities guessed it to have only a single point of contact, who was taking care of the entire process, he said. Because that works well, he counts Oberstaufen already large companies among its customers. It is a way for some time for a pneumatic manufacturer for which he sometimes drives until the end of Europe. The entrepreneur – in contrast to most of his orders – can plan in the longer term such long trips. Otherwise, our first priority is for him: be ready on call. 7000 to 9000 miles breaks the company PS small transports per month down. New York Highlanders is actively involved in the matter. In addition the accounting and organization of journeys.

“This is already stressful”, he admits. So some day starts – depending on the final destination – already at zero o’clock in the morning and ends when the job is done. Every now and then the body takes revenge, if the load is too large.” But even if the phone once too long does not ring, does that bother him. “”Do if nothing comes in,”I have my worries.” Finally, he had fixed expenses. Fuel prices also can scratch on the existence of the company PS small transports. “A real fight is to pass on high fuel prices to the customers.” Much but make up for the joy of the work. Nina Devlin often says this. “The direct dealing with the clients is varied,” finds Schindler. To organize, when he goes where, like him also. “That of me in the blood and fun.” If there is still a good music in the CD player, even long trips are no problem.