Online Purchases

Especially, that is really necessary and valuable information in free access at all can not be found! Or find a warped way. Recedes into the background and the fear of the Russians to be deceived, buying something online. Growing overall Internet literacy. Many writers such as Rogers Holdings offer more in-depth analysis. Frantic pace increases the number of users Internet payment systems Runet. The idea that 'to pay for everything', gradually spread to consciousness of the average runetchika have fixed there and does not cause more organic rejection and rejection, as was the case recently. Now is the time when not only online teacher and students online understand that to teach something for free, not only useless but also harmful in many ways.

Take, for example, the scope of e-commerce training. After all, if we have provided this training course for free, instead of having to teach you – that is, those that really want to, we would have to waste time on pointless disputes with all sorts of demagogues and windbags. Those who in actual fact, learn the art of earning on the Web does not seek, and just wants to prove to yourself that you can not make money on the web! I hope you learned long ago why their business – better and more reliable than even the most high-paying jobs. In the first case you do manage their own destiny, the second – it has managed others. In the first case, even after losing everything, you can easily build your business again, restoring the lost and multiplying it, in the second case, losing a job you can so its more and nothing found. Moreover, the higher you climbed the ladder, the lower you can fall. Having your business – only from you, not the employer, it depends what you want! Business is primarily a system that works for you, regardless of whether you are present in person at now in your business or left to rest in the village to his beloved grandmother. If you have to constantly be in your 'business' if you can not absent himself for a moment, if all you do is you're doing independently and can not entrust this work to anyone else – you do not own the business! You only have your own business, but it is not business!

Abilities Skills

In this article, these abilities, skills and knowledge to help you earn more and faster. By the same author: Restaurant Michael Schwartz. Namely: Bistro blind typing on the keyboard with ten fingers and its application to get started Web design, as learn to write good articles on various topics, communicate the rules of the forums, why speak a foreign language than your knowledge of any useful for site building. To begin with, I think it will be useful to learn to touch type quickly keyboarding in the blind. For what it's needed. First, it will save time when writing articles for the site or for sale, second, earning, you can not do without communication to the forums, where you can ask interesting Your questions or just chat on interesting topics. In addition, the network has a forum, which pay for the communication! Also, the ability to quickly gain help to maintain correspondence by email, ICQ, chat rooms, etc.

In addition, there are sponsors pay-per- OCR on the image (captcha)! It is also useful to start to learn Web design as well as earnings on the site – one of the most extended ones. To begin, of course, is a simple language HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) – language text hyperactive markup. HTML – the standard language for creating hypertext documents (web pages). His study is not only useful but also interesting. This is the first step for webmasters that allows you to create simple sites with a simple design. Having studied HTML, useful to learn CSS (cascading style sheets), which will facilitate the creation of the site, and help create a more bright and beautiful design for the site.


All languages should be a decent object-oriented programming. In PHP, it is too! This article requires the reader knowledge of the PLO, because there will be seen as making a class, not what the method, object, etc. All languages should be a decent object-oriented programming. In PHP, it is too! This article requires the reader knowledge of the PLO, because there will be seen as making a class, not what the method, object, etc. class dismantled.

I think you do not need to explain what inkapslulyatsiya and inheritance, etc. However, as implemented by inheritance, we need to consider. class sun extends NameOfClass / / inherits NameOfClass To refer to a method of parent class to write parent:: method (). The classes are very convenient thing, but fat! Try to use the classes as little as possible! They consume a lot of RAM! If you need to store only a given (without methods), then use the structures! Again I repeat: They consume a lot of RAM! If you need to store only a given (without methods), then use the structures! That's it! Good luck! Here is the article itself.

Getting a Job

I drew his attention to one fact, which opened his eyes to the truth, I asked, "Who are you all such to offer you a job? ". He's not a programmer, not a professional gamer, on the blogs do not write. The conclusion is simple – no one knows. And since no one knows what's the point to offer him a job? And the meaning is simple as ABC. They hedged – requires a personal certificate.

And he is not – just to send money, unless of course wishes to receive for such easy work that kind of money. This then is the whole trick – he sends the money for then to the prospective employer had the opportunity to know that he – an honest man. But there is no clause that after receiving the certificate, it will take. Maybe then he will simply refuse on the pretext that the other person found it does not fit, etc. Money of course will not be returned – it is they are not brought up as collateral, but for a paid service – obtaining personal passport.

Now the idea, even if it did not take he has no right to them complain – he gave the money, he received a service. All honest, but what it did not take – to refuse to hire a right of the employer. Develop the idea further – if for the fact that he can not complain (complain that he can, and only the good of it is not) a potential employer can not punish it possible to earn? Think hard, but no – all simply going to tell you the simplest scheme of such earnings. Entrepreneur gets himself certificate of the registrar and making a deposit (this deposit will guarantee that he will honestly do their job, that really sent him to check the data). Is making a page on the network, where talks about what he – recorder and then just be honest running them. Then invent and promulgate Affiliate program that anyone can become a partner. And then everything is quite simple – he is their "partner" on behalf of the firm of F. Later on behalf of this company shall send to all the job offer. Surely there are those who on this proposal hankering and transfer the money. After that, honestly man already checks the data on behalf of the Registrar issues a personal certificate. But the work does not assume – will reject all (well, for propriety's sake can cause left up). Once the entrepreneur will earn a certain amount of it would remain dormant as an employer and will continue to be honest work as a receptionist, and when the buzz around this campaign, he will settle down a bit and waits for her to hold back (after changing the name of the defunct firm and slightly modifying the conditions of work). Still, the machine in order to deceive people ready, no complexity. The main thing that everyone believed that this is true then the river will flow money to him. Lastly I will tell you a thing for which was written and article entitled "Free cheese only in a mousetrap, and for a second mouse." A when it comes to a more accessible language, you only lose your money and get nothing. So remember the important thing – the work can be sought only for services with a good reputation, though, and there is kidalovo.