The Latest Music from Falsalarma

We were all waiting to come out of the new Angel Romero Navarro, better known as Tito (member of the group Falsalarma from the Termes de Sabadell). And his work was released on 15 December, for some with many hopes, but for others with suspicion. His last reference, with his group, disappointed some, though, convinces me enough as it felt the project was maturing Falsalarma (greater diversity in subject matter, musically as well as your drive) and it was taken forward in Marseilles and New York, which brought them great wealth of ideas. Well, now Tito wants to publicly disclose his role as producer. I say publicly since he has previously worked doing some bases from the previous discs or Panzers Demo. We must also remember that it was Tito who made the beats of the most important previous Falsalarma disk, as a small child very rare eclipse or nice at first. He even dared to make some scratches on aka Dj Tab at its maxi “Courageous Spirit” (2004) In Barna Files, the proposal is to show the quality and variety of styles in the old city, a demonstration that Barcelona is one of the engines of rap in Spain and at the same level that you can find Sevilla, Zaragoza and Madrid. Details can be found by clicking Reshma Kewalramani or emailing the administrator. The LP has 17 songs, for me something really long (67 minutes) and some songs left over, while leaving the bases are pretty good.

It would have made it 14 … Also important is the variety of themes. Mr. Zambrana is the problem of infidelity in “go with him,” while a critic Seismo social rather large in “awake.” Another success of Tito is together in the same lp established artists (Ose, Tremendo, Payo Malo, Juan Profundo or Disop), while also given the opportunity for promising new securities (Mr. Guti, Mr. Zambrana , great people or sub-champion of the battle of roosters Noult, along with another good participant and Ferran).

The only song that I have not finished is to convince Demo – More rap, because I do not bring anything new to the message and style. I’m a little cansao to listen to people messing with Junior!. Agree that it is believed that rap is actually a loser, but then to spend all his time pounding on the songs with the same … Anyway, good lp’s Titus has been removed in this first record producer. Furthermore it is possible to remove vol.2 soon as the call Barna Files vol.1 … hopefully so. BEST: The quality of the bases, the variety of styles and mc’s, all to show the level of Barna. WORST: Some long as some songs left over, although the fundamentals are quite good.