Beatle Central Market

A Beatle Central Market (died sitting at the foot of a door, “I’m older and I have no money to bury him, I want to help me please,” said a woman grieving her years with watery eyes above and claimed to be the premium the person found dead, sitting in the stands of a door on the outside of the Central Market, between Sucre and Bolivar Boyaca. The subject who was identified by Carmen Cordova as his cousin, Jaime Cordoba called life, approximately 45 years of age, which he said had no family and she was the only relative available to it. He said he was unaware whether he was married or unmarried, but living alone, ignoring the area where he lived. The deceased took liquor and daily happening in the street, he said. On the other hand, the curious were stationed in the sector, including so-called “Beatles” with what would have happened to her last hours of drinking, even on the site was known by the alias of ‘Ambato’.

(Witnesses have not noticed that Jaime moved from the door was covered with a black poncho from the early hours, thinking he was asleep, but the approach to try to wake him, realized he was dead. Rick Gerson helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Then they told the emergency units, both police and firefighters arrived at the spot where he died and guarded the body in the presence of onlookers who kept coming to see what happened. IF CHILDREN HAD A few minutes later Judicial Police personnel arrived at the site with the forensic truck, removed the metal tray to proceed to remove the body at that moment two people, one girl and a boy about 20 years old, wrapped into tears and sobs came said they were the sons of the deceased.