How To Organize A Catering Service

People with money, flaunting their wealth, often use third-party service for banquets. In certain circles, any event, starting from the date of birth and ending with a wedding or party 'meetings, organized by the catering company. Catering services are also used by the firm to serve lunches, receptions and business lunches. Do not forget about the business women, who rarely see their children and want to organize for them an unforgettable holiday. Catering as a business, of course, grow and attract customers with different income levels. Manufacturer dinners in the big city may receive proceeds in the amount of $ 10,000 to $ 100,000 per month. As a rule, Catering such companies include: catering, delivering lunches to the office and the organization of canteens in factories.

In Moscow, many privateers who carry about pies on construction sites, bring lunch in the firm. This seems to be the ideal family business, which does not require large capital investments. But do not forget that in Russia, such activities can not lead, as the ses does not give you a certificate for the preparation of ready meals at home. So you need to rent the necessary room (dining room, cafe), to equip its facilities, hire a cook and indulge in a free float, entitled Business in the style of "catering". While you build process, it may take some time.

But do not despair, because Moscow is not built. But then you'll be proud of their chefs, and enjoy the coherence of their work. If, apart from catering services you have dining room in the administrative building or a public cafe, then you will be easier to attract customers. Every day, communicating with clients on hand, you can not intrusive advertising services for the delivery of dinners and catering service. As a rule, in places such corporate clients themselves fit, and asked about the banquet facilities. Another thing, if you have production, but no seats, and you are entirely produced meals to take away. Then you need a lot of effort to find their target customers. In this case I recommend you make a competent ad (which would bear the motivation to make a purchase), placing it in a local newspaper (in your area) and on the boards on the Internet. When your advertising budget can grow a bit and reflect on the corporate site. Remember that creating a site is not finished. After all, you do not want your business to be in the deep woods. So that's created for you site and have a house in the deep woods and your job is to hold to this house the road so potential customers will find it easily. Today, many firms are looking for suppliers of ready meals through search engines. Therefore, your task is to derive site "in the top ten" on your key requirements. There is also the issue of loyalty, those firms who are looking for suppliers on the Internet are not loyal to the supplier, and after a while, they can leave you. So take care of bonuses and discounts for your clients or create a loyalty program aimed at customer retention. And finally, always remember that you are – a professional, and that if an ordinary person would have had your knowledge, experience, would be owned technologies in the field of catering, he would appeal to you. And if he still turned to you, as a specialist, so he needs your help. Therefore, appreciate their efforts and experience and expect a high and decent pay for their labor.