Articles Marketing is essentially, write and distribute articles brief in a diverse range of media, including sites specializing in this type of format may include directories of articles, articles, forums and newsletters editors banks. Articles marketing is one of the ways more effective market that anyone can perform as well as one of the ways most economic of promoting a business. In fact, it may be until completely free, costing you only some time and dedication. There are many benefits in the marketing of articles. Since the articles are transformed into a viral tool, your message literally comes up to the most remote corners, allowing a considerable increase of traffic to your web site and the amount of subscriptions to its newsletter. The marketing of articles is also used to generate direct sales and build credibility. Anyone wishing to establish you as an expert in your niche market should always be in tells what the marketing of articles has to offer.And this is how it works. Let’s assume that you’re doomed to a niche specific market as it can be to lose weight or how to lose weight and sells various products related to this topic.

Whether it of own products or third parties through an affiliate program, you can create an article on how to lose weight, – preferably one you are closely related to your product, but instead of falling into the common error promote directly the product, you should focus on the problem that your product can solve the reader not to mention it at all!. For example, if you sell an anti-cellulite cream, you can write an article explaining what is cellulite, the cause and the various existing methods to combat it. The article should be no more than 750 words and must be with a title interesting, relevant and striking. At the bottom of your article, you include the author resource box.