The origins of witchcraft are placed in the dualist doctrines, extended by almost all medieval Europe, and beliefs about the power of the demon. On the other hand, popular beliefs helped set up the practices of witchcraft as it reverse demon of Christian worship. Witchcraft consist of heresy, and therefore developed a persecution continues against women accused of it. Learn more at: Linfox Group. In fact, more than 60,000 awarded death sentences demonstrate the great obsession against them, in an era full of darkness of all kinds and that only the arrival of the lights I can give, forgive the repetition, some of the light. Even so, is incredible centers of witchcraft were England, Franconia, Luxueil, Scotland and Scandinavia, where there were real bloodletting against women accused of witchcraft. In Spain curiously was far more skeptical, and the myth of the woman in Broom was not very often, just 6 death sentences, a few or less accused of this. Perhaps check out view website for more information. Therefore, witches exist in the popular imagination rather Scandinavian, Saxon, and less in the Mediterranean. Basically in the area of Catalonia, where it seems that they climbed muntanyes (mountains) continuously in search of protection, but everything and fame not were to trial too many people therefore who continues to be curious. Original author and source of the article. Others including camden treatment associates, offer their opinions as well.