Secrets Of The Rich Men

Develop multiple revenue streams and Reinvesting early gains! This is the secret of wealthy men. To earn money, he must do it very soon, once your business begins to generate income. We must always invest a share of revenues generated in other activities, they also generate income. If possible, we must automate the investment on a regular basis. It is said that one should not put all your eggs in one basket. By automating your Internet activity, as well as your investment, you have the time to spend, especially in thepromotion and development of other activities. It’s so one day when you have enough stable income sources on the Internet, you can say goodbye to your boss or company that you used for several years and who got rich on your back! Be inspired by this classic bookNapoleon Hill entitled ‘How to overcome failure and achieve success’ at: / 40a61890 About the author: Born in Sav in the Republic of Benin, Dr. Abel Rodriguez Codjo ASSAVEDO ophthalmologist is a physician, hospital practitioner at the Hospital Center and University of Parakou, in the department of Borgou in Benin Republic. The possibility of meaning to events that have marked his life, this is the substance of his meditations and spiritual reflections. He writes both in French and English and covers topics as diverse as personal development, romance, travel in the Caribbean islands, network marketing, the cultural phenomenon such as Carnival in Trinidad, health problems. For seen his music go to the