Unemployment rises twice what it expected Corbacho

According to the Ministry of Labor and Immigration, January has added 124,890 unemployed people and exceeds the 4 million barrier. Corbacho expect only 65,000 more unemployed.The labor minister has indicated that the adjustment of the strike will take place from the second semester of 2010. Registered unemployment in the Public Service Employment rose in January for the sixth straight month and unemployment totaled 124,890 compared to December, 3.1 , which brought the total number of unemployed at 4,048,493, the highest figure since 1996, when from which comparable data are available. The LFS data have been recently released, put unemployment at close of 2009 to 4,326,500 people. These data double the estimates it had made the Labor Minister Celestino Corbacho few days ago, when he said that the increase would be 65,000 people. Moreover, the minister said the rise in unemployment in January, “will have nothing to do with the sudden increase as January 2009, when unemployment exceeded 132,000. One step has been overcome. He argues that this January is better than January 2008 However, Corbacho warrants and arrest data indicates that what must see the trends, noting that the figure for January is “already somewhat better” than in January 2008, taking into account that the first month of the year is “historically bad”. “No January, even in months where there was acceleration of employment, which seasonally is a good month.” Since January 2009 unemployment has risen by 720,692 people, 21.66 However, according to data released by the Ministry of Labor and Immigration, the rise in January is less than that recorded in the same month in 2009 when he did in 198,838 people. The services sector recorded the highest increase in unemployment in January, with 102,130 people (4.56 percent), followed by industry, where it increased by 8873 (1.74 increase), construction, 7036 (0.90 percent), the group had never been employed, with 6,285 (2.2 percent) and agriculture in 566 (0.53 percent). The employment rebound from the second half Upon announcement of this data, Corbacho has returned to make estimates. In his view, “the specter of job losses” will end after the second half of the year, a period in which unemployment, he said, will be set to “completely”, as affirmed in Telecinco. In this regard, he noted that the government forecasts and estimates suggest that the line is adjusted unemployment “totally” from the second half of this year. In this way, said that “we believe is more in the coming months, the adjustment will be moving closer to seasonal adjustment and no adjustment by job losses.” Asked by the unemployment data for January, Corbacho has said that every time an unemployment figure translates into greater number of unemployed is “negative”. SOURCE: Eart.ewspaper