Ase Recruitment Candidate

1. Plan your recruitment process (how long you intend to conduct interviews and presentations, who will conduct the interview), be sure interviewers are aware of your plans and contributed to its schedule of relevant adjustments. John Thains opinions are not widely known. 2. In the study of personal competencies, skills, qualifications and selection of candidates try not to rely on "gut feeling". 3.

Become familiar with the situation on the market, find out what amount of compensation offered candidates in other companies. 4. Discuss and agree with the line manager job description and requirements for the candidate. For assistance, try visiting Jeff Leiden. 5. Develop and agree with the head of a matrix of competencies for the position.

6. Specify the reasons for which applicants must choose a job just for your company. What they can attract the proposed position? Check that those who will conduct the interview, taking the time to the story about the company and the benefits work in it. Remember that recruiting – two-way process and not just an employer chooses a candidate! 7. Build effective communication with candidates. Need to inform them of any changes and keep the time. They should be able to contact you. 8. Review the compensation package chosen candidate, it will help you to manage his salary expectations. 9. Keep in touch with the candidate during the process of dismissal former position, until the moment when he starts working in your company. He can make a counterproposal, which should warn. 10. Consult with professional recruiters.

An Invitation To A Party

However, most of my friends not so close to me, to come to me without invitation birthday. Was once in my life, an interesting case, when I was little that did not invite anybody, I'm all in advance phoned and said that the holiday would not be so Excuse me, but please do not compliment. Believe me, there are in life and in this situation. However, friends have come anyway. On the table was in compliance was immediately boiled potatoes, fried smelts (fish such smells like cucumbers) and salads improvised.

It was still great! The eyeballs came two barely knew the guy who walked past the house, accidentally met one of my friends and decided that they too should attend. Poor guys, I'm embarrassed for her behavior, but they are on the threshold were sent back, together with a hastily purchased gifts. So do not go visit without an invitation, if you are not sure that there you will be greeted with joy – risk to spoil the mood itself, but maybe even a birthday (if he, unlike me, does not have enough arrogance and dishonesty. I'm never invited to the birthday of the right people. I think this is unreasonable, because it can inconveniencing you and your friends. The exception is, perhaps, large banquets on the big anniversaries. At such events possible, and even necessary (if the budget allows), to invite relatives and loved ones, friends, colleagues and people with whom you are doing business or relationships at work.