Marilyn Diamond

Low 10 kilos! The age is one the most famous diets that exist. In fact, is one of the 6 most popular programs for losing weight by their stories of success to lose weight. Among the best known are the of their own creators Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. In his book the age Fit For Life they tell us how they came to a life better in all aspects. This diet is based first and foremost on the natural cycles of the body. They tell us in his book the majority of people do not even have learned that these cycles exist. However these cycles exist and are tested. The human capacity to process their food is based on the effective functioning of three everyday regular cycles.

They tell us that these three natural cycles for the ingestion of foods are: absorption where we use part of them, assimilation and elimination. These three functions or cycles are continuously underway and intensifies in each of the moments of the day. 4 In the morning to noon: Elimination (of body waste and leftover food) Noon to 8 o’clock: appropriation (ingestion and digestion) from 8 o’clock to 4 o’clock in the morning: assimilation (uptake and use) then, we must know that if we want to fight the battle against the body volume that we have, we must concern ourselves with facilitating the removal cycle, if we do so, is guaranteed success, and can thus freeing slender body we carry each and every one of us inside. Excess weight then lies in that I have acquired some habits that have persistently obstructed the deletion cycle. And as? Desayunos-almuerzos – eating dinners substantial, which means that we spent much more time in the cycle of that absorption in the elimination.

If you would like losing those 10 extra pounds? The secret lies in free us from these toxic wastes ingesting foods according to each cycle of the body, to give a balance to the metabolism. We then eat fruits and only fruit until noon time, never mix proteins and carbohydrates and finally take the dinner as early as possible. So we will be helping and serving our natural hygiene laws. Original author and source of the article