Rhododendron – Colours For The Home Garden – Trend 2013 House In The Overview

What trends and colors offer the rhododendrons and azaleas in the year 2013 the term rhododendron plant comes from the Greek and means “Rosenbaum” and it is already seen, that dealing with rhododendron ornamental woody plants one of the most beautiful species of ornamental trees. The term alpine rose as a synonym for rhododendron plant is used in German, which allows also an inference on the beautiful and colourful appearance of rhododendron ornamental woody plants. The developments and new varieties are rhododendron plant particularly varied every year to present a variety of news and innovations the gardeners. So the rhododendron is there in terms of new colors, habits, or special properties that have been bred a. The so-called “bedspread rhododendron” are the main species of rhododendron plants.

This type of rhododendron plant impressed not only by the colours in a particularly large flowers, but also the rhododendron itself can reach a considerable height of 4-6 metres. Therefore suited the bedspread rhododendrons very well as a solitary plant for the garden. For the colour of this type of ornamental garden plants of rhododendron “Bluerettia” provides an example. With the bright purple flowers in summer, this ornamental rhododendron Grove is an absolute eye-catcher and is perfect as a solitary garden plant or as a group arrangement. In addition to the bedspread rhododendron plants, the small rhododendron plants are another way, which is often chosen in home gardens as ornamental woody plants. With a height of 150 cm maximum, these rhododendron plants for small gardens or yards are well suited. In the colours, the small rhododendron plants are the bedspread ornamental walking oils in any way, but impress with vibrant colors. Frequently Mike Gianoni has said that publicly. A shining in the truest sense of the word example of the colours is the variety, a rhododendron ornamental woody plants which through pink, bright flowers attracted the attention in the garden.