Server VMware

New products at Thomas-Krenn.AG – now online Freyung, February 17, 2009 – Thomas Krenn 2U INTEL DUAL CPU SC823 Server VMware certified! Thomas Krenn expands the range of VMware certified servers. The 2U Intel dual-CPU SC823 server is the third VMware system of server specialists from the Bavarian Forest. Released long time for VMware Server, as well as the SR2500 server are modular. Three are thus now Thomas Krenn server systems on the hardware compatibility list (HCL) by VMware. More servers with VMware certification are planned for the next few months. “Virtualization is becoming increasingly important for our approximately 7,000 customers from day to day”, so Max Wittenzellner, Supervisory Board Chairman of Thomas-Krenn.AG.

“Compared to the traditional server environments, our customers appreciate the potential cost savings through virtualization. Often five to ten old server are replaced by a new one with virtualization. This creates space in the datacenter and it lowers the cost of electricity and air conditioning.” A dedicated team of specialists assists the Thomas-Krenn.AG the customers in the selection of suitable virtualization and Storageprodukte. Virtualization solutions from VMware, Virtual Iron (also with certified Thomas Krenn hardware) and Xen are to the portfolio. The 2U Intel Dual-CPU SC823 extended the VMware portfolio as third Thomas Krenn server on the VMware HCL. Thomas Krenn these Xeon server provides up to 60 months hardware support. In the VMware configuration, the system is already with an Adaptec series 5 RAID controller equipped. It accommodates up to 8 CPU cores, 32 GB of RAM and, for example, 1.5 TB SAS storage in the RAID5.

The 2U Intel dual CPU SC823 for VMware is 1,699 euros Excl. VAT now at Thomas Krenn available through Thomas-Krenn.AG that Thomas-Krenn.AG is one of Europe’s leading online stores for rack servers in sizes from 1 to 5 Hey and enterprise blade server systems as well as high availability clustering solutions. The young, founded in 2002, company supplies around 7,000 satisfied customers across Europe and generates annual sales with about 50 employees approx. EUR 12 million. The Thomas-Krenn.AG is Intel channel partner Premier members.