Corporative Social Responsibility

Already term RS has some time or RSC comes being part of news articles, substances of magazines, periodicals, at last of the media. The term and use have been incorporated as one of the focos of management of the companies or same as pure strategy of enterprise marketing: filantrpica demagogy. The fact is that we are ‘ ‘ evoluindo’ ‘ in this direction and it has increasing in destined investments a varied social action, reaching a gamma of benefited that they are extended since collaborators of the companies ties scomunidades where these keeps its installations. For consequence the image of the companies before its ‘ ‘ publico’ ‘ , they are the proper collaborators, clientele or same the neighboring community, becomes ‘ ‘ melhorada’ ‘ one ‘ ‘ marca’ ‘ it remains printed. In way to as much ‘ ‘ good aes’ ‘ it has of if to separate joiodo wheat of form that the demagogy not is accepted and companies who use of this strategy to be alavancarem they are punished with the indifference of the customer, either internal or external it. .

Sustainable Economy

Is as if the man was tirandoa cover of the part north of the planet, affirms professor Peter Wadhams. PROPOSTAOUSADA Substance of the State agency, published noportal, in 23/11, informs that, beyond the voluntary goal dereduo of the emissions of effect gases greenhouse between 36,1% and 38,9% up to 2020, oBrasil one will take another one trunfo for the COP15. The government will present one percentualabaixo of 5% in the emission of gases for the deforestation of the Amaznia in aototal relation emitted by the country (…). The fall of the resultant emissions of it deforests dAmaznia in relation to the total of the country must it the reduction of the deforestation nosltimos four years. the proposals and examples of Brazil are emsintonia with seeming of the secretary-executive of the Convention of the Climate of the NaesUnidas, Yvo de Boer, of that does not have plan B for Copenhagen. only has a plan wants to A.E to say It action. How thus either! ECOEFICINCIAECONMICA Very still remains to be made to diminish oimpacto of the activities human beings in the environment, give birth passu to the search of methods of sustainable growth daeconomia. The last natural catastrophes and its funestas consequnciastrouxeram a message: the ambient question became economic subject.

In deposition to the Current program Conta, of the News Globe, Combed Hugo economist alerted for fatode that, until the present, no model of the economists recognizes aimportncia of the ecological services, of the resources of the Nature for the processoeconmico. Then a new mensurao would reflect the contribution of the planet. Still more important it is the form for which these services will go to remain numlongo stated period, because it is this that is in game today. Great part of the services quesustentam all the life in the Land, also the proper economy, is threatened. Everything this in them makes lembraro that affirmed Jesus regarding a great tribulao as never had nemjamais will happen again (Evangelho Mateus consonant, 24:21). The science andapreocupada with such possibility. Cost, therefore, not to think about the word of the Master, without preconceptions or taboos.