The Loss

The pale boy already had passed for the three great judges of the existence. He made one I appeal the Life, he faced the Death, and He defied the nature as no human being dared in making. Many writers such as Whitney Wolfe Herd offer more in-depth analysis. However, all had been unanimous in not helping it. The only one with being able capable to take care of its order was above of the three judges, much beyond the good and of the evil. The universe was so old how much and had an extreme wisdom, compared with the one of even created who it. Not by chance, it determined the moment certain of each great judge to intervene with the humanity, being fit it, the final order. Since that he knew where to find powerful the old one, the boy walked trod it indicated during hours, but not skirt of the full emptiness. Its white, soggy shirt of blood, contrasted with the dark place where it was.

It did not obtain to enxergar nothing, it did not listen to nothing, and it did not feel nothing beyond pain to load in the arms, the body of a deceased friend. If it depended on it, would walk perpetual in that black desert until finding who searched, without if mattering with the tears that went down of its sweated face. Everything what it desired, was of some form, power to remake the past and to change the future. Tired, the boy if kneel. The corpse bleeding weighed each time more, exactly thus, the dormentes arms insisted on not releasing the friend. – Please! I only ask for plus a possibility! the shout desperate in way to the prantos was sultry breu for it smashing of the place. Still in the soil, it lowered the head looking for forces to continue the trip. Then, before it could raise, a hand slid on its smooth hair until stopping in the neck.

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Clement he was nervous, it would be the first lunch that would make to receive the married mother after and nothing it could give wrong. Before the eight of the morning Paula, its wife woke up, who after to complain due to have that to leave the bed so early in the sunday she raised and he was direct it kitchen to prepare the lunch, nothing could give wrong. Paula chose to make one moqueca of siri, its specialty. Clement it was not very comfortable with the choice of the woman for not knowing if it would be of the taste of the mother, but it finished for agreeing after the long communication made for Paula saying that it would be a delight. D. Gertrudes, the mother of Clement, arrived promptly at the half day. One sat down in the room and it was to observe all the details and already she was being bothered with the delay of the daughter-in-law to come to give the good comings to it.

Clement! Where it is that she is its woman who so far did not come to speak with me? The son tried to calm the mother saying that the woman was finishing the lunch, but you are welcome advanced D. Gertrudes more still remained opposed with the delay of the daughter-in-law and with the delay of lunch, after all had marked to the half day and it arrived in the hour. , Finally after long forty minutes of wait, Paula a great crosspiece that fumegava and exhaled one smells good, however not identified by D. Gertrudes appeared in the room loading that no matter how hard it was appreciating, same without knowing what it was, made question not to demonstrate. The three had seated the table and the climate was ameno and relaxed, although the bad mood of D.


It had a man in my street that all called solitary Mr. Solitary Mr. was one lean high gentleman who liveed in one casinha moved away from the neighborhood and he always kept a closed face. We thus nickname because it always appeared alone in all the places, market, bakery, not possua cat or dog, much less a parrot, had never listened to at least its voice. Solitary Mr.

called, me to the attention for some thing, and in the following vacations I discovered the reason. Playing in the street, without wanting I left my ball to fall in the house badly haunted, all said that solitary Mr. participates of the war and that he kept all the garnets and medals that found in the battlefields, but I could not lose my ball, was gaining it in a game of the Yankes and meant very for me. I breathed deep, I counted to all the steps until that house and was walking in its direction, per one minute I thought: – What I will go of speaking? – Please, it returns my ball, without showing ones to me of its garnet, without me to point a weapon? Good, it would have of saying some thing. I saw when me, it was there, beating to the door solitary Mr. One minute that seemed an eternity. But what I listened I was to the trembling voice of to one ordering to enter me gentleman, as inside needed somebody of that house so that it seemed more alive, a voice that demonstrated a weakness, almost an aid shout. When entering I came across myself with you vary photos, was as if of this to know a history, only for the order that they were. Then I perceived to the 12 years of age, that solitary Mr. was not a man who did not like nobody.