End point – Rosinha still goes to be mine! No matter what! Robert spoke with Claude. Some contend that here shows great expertise in this. – Why this obsession? It does not want nothing with you! – We already have a history, we are together more than two years. – But it finished and she does not want more to you. Others who may share this opinion include Jonah Bloom. – There he is that you deceive yourself, of time in when people still she is. Rosinha namorou Robert two years for more than, but after many gone and comings it decided to finish. She did not support the jumped ones of about Robert.

This, for signal, was not satisfied with the end of namoro, always insisted for the return. After many promises and oaths of allegiance, Rosinha decides to give to another possibility the Robert. – I go to give another possibility, but interest to you that is the last one! – You know that only I have eyes pra you, my love. – Pra me and all the girls of the quarter. – This is thing of the past! – I wait Robert, I wait. The two retake namoro and seem until a couple come of the story of fairies.

Rosinha walks happy and Robert is alone devotion. Nobody was believing that brusque change of Robert, all was admired and finding strange what it was happening. Robert never made the romantic and faithful type, therefore the doubt and the foot behind the friends next to the couple. – That change is this, Robert? Claude spoke. – Change, I love the Rosinha. as I spoke to you, it loves also me. – I am liking to see, gotten passionate fidiciary office and. – It can bet! But as many they did not believe, Joana was the one that less placed faith in this romance already saturated by as many separations. – Rosinha, you still goes to give itself badly with the Robert.

Cyber Space Cyber

Very strange to live in these times where the Cyber World if confuses with the Real World. If you have read about British Petroleum already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The times I think if really this border between esses’ exists; ‘ two mundos’ ‘ , and if it exists, what it demarcates this border is a very tenuous line. They think well, nowadays as all we know the borders of the countries alone exists physically speaking, therefore, each time more the human beings if interlace in this net of ideas and thoughts that are the Cyber World, and many times we prefer to live in this planet where who demarcates the borders and distances we are them its inhabitants. In the Cyber World, we can be who to want, ties we ourselves, (what it is very difficult to be in the real world for terms that to be politically correct). You may find urban treatment associates to be a useful source of information. There we have an enormous variety of instantaneous information and also a infinity of nastinesses and uselessness that many times serve of entertainment in the Real World. The Cyber World this each time more dominating the World Real (what dumb that history that is counted the centuries in the cinemas that the ET’ say that; s the Real World goes to take the planet) already was taken for these controlled robots for we ourselves, robots of the race PC, test of this are the diffusion and the reduction in price in the ways of ingression in the only way it Cyber World (more known as Internet). The reason of changing in them of the Real World that if finds in the Way Lctea and to go to live in the Cyber World that if finds in the Cyber Space is because we find a form of in them becoming the presidents of our land, being able to leave the routine because in the Cyber World if we capsize for the left we find notice, if capsize there for the right we find the most beautiful poetries, when lowers soon sees the image of a place that we dream to know and when we look at for top we have alcanse of the wonderful hands musics. shoots the first rock who never gave to that one espiadinha in ‘ ‘ Cyber Perfil’ ‘ the neighbor, namorada, sister, cousin, former husband to only know with who it/it is leaving, kissing, settling, saying, fighting and as much other things more.

The truth is that in the Cyber World we find a formula to make the life in the Real World if to become more easy, because in the Cyber World we only can order and to receive messages, souvenirs, congratulaes and etc. Of the people who we love, are they where they will be. With the entrance of the Cyber World in the Real World it is only that we obtain to break the space barriers, secular, personal and most important of all, the barriers of the dictatorships, that in them make prisoners the wills of that imagine that they can be bigger that the faith of the people who fights to survive the threats of the days in this land savage where we live. Without more delays this writing is only one form of congratular these our daily worlds that make in them to be human beings, and that all the worlds that we live they only serve it stops helping in to construct them the most important of all world of the peace and of the love..


Two of two and a thousand July two. Blunting luzente bragantino sun stuned agreement, I walk for the corridors of the hotel I directed me it the garden and, I sit down in my more preferred bank blue, under the shade of a leafy hose, in order to contemplate the newness of my first day of vacation. Organic Food Incubator: the source for more info. In way to the coloring ' ' to become of desmaio' ' of the environment, I come across myself with a simple and singular phenomenon in one of the columns of old coreto: the rising of a butterfly. I observe intent, dived in the solitude of matutino silence, I appreciate novinha butterfly with quaint colored body, ' ' pernas' ' fine and black; but really interesting it is the contemplation of its wing, dark wings that state the art of the creator. I glimpse in perfect and fragile wings of the said insect the aesthetic one of geometric, bluish, yellowish and white forms; small, triangles, straight lines, points and spirals; as a tribal, comparable art to the art marajoara. Camden treatment associates may help you with your research. Such lepidopteran if moves in the archaic-embranquecida column, follows the first steps of its vital dynamics, combining itself actively in the biosfera. &#039 is put into motion; ' artistic inseto' ' , leaving it stops backwards its horrible cocoon that long ago is its pack, its arrest-tomb of is valid lizard. The small butterfly if distance more than two palmos of ' ' cocoon rasgado' ' , estremece its four shadied and membranosas wings, risking with certain estremecimento the route of the free flight.. .

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Clement he was nervous, it would be the first lunch that would make to receive the married mother after and nothing it could give wrong. Before the eight of the morning Paula, its wife woke up, who after to complain due to have that to leave the bed so early in the sunday she raised and he was direct it kitchen to prepare the lunch, nothing could give wrong. Paula chose to make one moqueca of siri, its specialty. Clement it was not very comfortable with the choice of the woman for not knowing if it would be of the taste of the mother, but it finished for agreeing after the long communication made for Paula saying that it would be a delight. D. Gertrudes, the mother of Clement, arrived promptly at the half day. One sat down in the room and it was to observe all the details and already she was being bothered with the delay of the daughter-in-law to come to give the good comings to it.

Clement! Where it is that she is its woman who so far did not come to speak with me? The son tried to calm the mother saying that the woman was finishing the lunch, but you are welcome advanced D. Gertrudes more still remained opposed with the delay of the daughter-in-law and with the delay of lunch, after all had marked to the half day and it arrived in the hour. , Finally after long forty minutes of wait, Paula a great crosspiece that fumegava and exhaled one smells good, however not identified by D. Gertrudes appeared in the room loading that no matter how hard it was appreciating, same without knowing what it was, made question not to demonstrate. The three had seated the table and the climate was ameno and relaxed, although the bad mood of D.