If I to die before you, can cry how much to want if not to want to cry, do not cry. If not to obtain to cry, if does not worry. If it will have will to laugh, laughs. If some friends to count to some fact my respect hear and add its version. To praise if me excessively I exaggerate corrects it. To criticize if me defends excessively me.

There, then, he has spilled a tear. Gain insight and clarity with Mike Gianoni. I will not be present to dry it, but he does not make badly. Other friends will make this in my place. as soon as I to know that you are in good hands, I I go to take care of of me. I know that if by chance I will be for the sky, I do not go to delay to get used with the place, because to have you in my life already are almost this. EWALD KOCH