Setting Up A Satellite Dish !

Methods of setting a satellite dish 1. choose the install location. An open review of the installation point on a satellite, make sure to keep healthbars from closing an overview of trees or other surrendered, all satellites are located in the direction of south-west to south-east. With the highest above the horizon are the satellites that are directly south. (A valuable related resource: Mike Gianoni). Receive the signal interfere with any obstacles (houses, trees, power lines) on the line connecting the antenna and satellite. In addition, the antenna should be in an accessible place for you, which is especially important at the time of its setting, and inaccessible to others, so it was impossible to easily pull it down. 2. Installing the bracket.

Set riving bracket preferably on metal bolts or screws for concrete and masonry (silica) walls, a wall with red or porous bricks to use anchor bolts with plastic fillers. Around the attachment should always try to keep most of the brick and install the mounting above the fourth row from the top, or at a distance of at least four bricks from the corner of a wall in order to avoid cracks in the crease. In what is marking and drilling holes in the wall. After this, driving and drawing anchor bolts into the wall with the bracket and further delay until it stops. Further checks strength of the resulting design. 3. Assembling the dish. During the assembly must be handled carefully and with mirror antenna, not to cause any mechanical damage, which changes the geometry of the mirror.