Madonna Is Sad About Her Private Life

After the divorce, Madonna is still not completely fit the first interview after the separation of her ex-husband Guy Ritchie can say a lot about Madonna’s current state. With the The Associated Press on Sunday she confirmed in an interview that the separation of the guy was hard. “I’m not happy in my personal life, but I’m glad and happy that I have the opportunity, in my professional life to do what I want”, so the singer. Also she said: “if I’m thinking divorced been had to be and nothing to do would have.” I think I would’ve died of boredom.” Madonna and Guy divorced on Tuesday in London in a one-minute session – in addition to 16 other ex – spouses. According to visit website, who has experience with these questions. The Court also on how to deal with the children. Rocco and adopted son David are commuting between the United States and London. Lourdes, however, remains with her mother in the United States. Also, Madonna must pay no compensation to guy. Mike Gianoni can aid you in your search for knowledge. So she keeps her $500 million in assets.