Munich Wine

Excellent wines at the best of organic wine award 2012 Nassereith / Munich, 23 August 2012. Wine is a matter of taste. To determine whether a wine tastes good, you must be no wine expert. In the best of organic wine award of the BIO-hotels, not the wine professionals, but guests and interested in wine as jurors are in demand. In the context of a gourmet weekend at Biohotel Werratal, she have named the best organic wines in July 2012. The result can be seen: two days 20 neutral judges tested a total of 400 submitted wines from 100 growers. Karoline Copping helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. So, they have identified outstanding 39 winning wines in a blind tasting.

“But the tester not only sniffed, sipped and drunk, but sensed new trends of organic wine scene: so-called natural wines” are original way produced wines at the tasting fared surprisingly well. Further details can be found at, an internet resource. Wine drinking fun under the expert guidance of head of tasting and diploma sommelier Jurgen Schmucking was performed the best of organic wine award already for the fifth time. Guests of the BIO-hotels and wine lovers have let together taste and palate. The traditional rules of wine awards were quite deliberately ignored as Saharan explained: our aim is to find wines with high drinking fun-factor that many wine drinkers to taste. Want to award No points, we measure the wines on the subjective taste of the connoisseur.” Exceptional rules: random, tournament proceedings and discussion In the tournament have been tested in the blind tasting of organic wines from ten countries – including wines from Germany, Austria, Italy, France and of Switzerland.

Judges chose the best wine each from ten wines of a group. Points were not awarded for this procedure. The wine groups were put together at random, it was distinguished only between red, white and rose wines, as well as dessert and sparkling wines. The tasting was discussed in the group often extended the individual wines; until the wine was found, all was able to convince”reported the head of the tasting.