Sacred Divine Powers

When initiating these words, our hearts are sped up, our chest if it fulls of joy and we come back our attention toward conga, where the images seated in the altar are changedded into true vestibules for where in them thousands of beneficial vibratory waves arrive, harmonizadoras and equilibratory by our spirit, a true energy ocean takes account of the place of fetichism, cantos is entoados (I go to open mine jurema, I go to open mine jurema) the sonorous vibrations of atabaques join the mental vibrations emitted by the medinico body activating the mental superior of all and each one in particular, graduating the vibrations summon, lining up our vibrations with the cycles and rhythms of the creation of Olorum. I sing it symbolizing the union of voices with an only objective that is to praise Olorum our Creative The holy ghost through its Sacred Divine Powers that are the Orixs the manifestadores of the qualities of God our the holy ghost father Olorum. > may find this interesting as well. For even more details, read what Sam Feldman says on the issue. After that it comes the smoking that if it transforms into multicolorful mist to invade ours spirit, working all our bodies spirituals, purificando us of all the imprisoned negative loads in our material body and spiritual, preparing our divine vestment so that luzeiros espritos and guardies of the law can be disclosed in our body to serve Olorum serving to each spirit that They will be directed by the divine step. All are incensed leaving to be transparent in it summon the true origin of the spirit that is pure light and pure light.. . Many writers such as Nouriel Roubini offer more in-depth analysis.