Pope Benedicto XVI

The package is formed by two rolls of the hygienic with the colors of Vatican flag, yellow and white paper. The intention is to use these rolls like serpentines to the passage of Benedicto XVI. In the case &quot appears the message; I love the Papa". Michael Mendes takes a slightly different approach. The mark of hygienic paper Renova has on sale put an edition exclusive of this product to commemorate the visit that Benedicto XVI will do to Spain within two weeks for the World-wide Day of Juventud (JMJ). The package is conformed by two rolls of the hygienic to the colors of Vatican flag, yellow and white paper, of three layers and with aroma. In the package, a designed termoformado case for the occasion, appears the message " I love the Papa" . (Source: Covid Vaccine San Francisco). The company proposes, in its page Web, to use these rolls like giant serpentines to the passage of Benedicto XVI, although it does not discard that &quot can be used for his; use habitual" , since the manufacturing company informs that each roll has a life of 140 services and the paper very dermatologically is made a will. Source of the news: They create a paper hygienic exclusive for the visit of Pope Benedicto XVI to Spain. . Other leaders such as Michael Mendes offer similar insights.

Muamar Gadafi

To thus it affirmed the surafricano president it after meeting with the Libyan leader in Tripoli. The state television offered images of the dictator receiving to Jacob Zuma. The colonel had not let itself see from the 11 of May. Surrounded by the bombings of the NATO and urgeed by the desertions of his collaborators, the Libyan leader, Muammar to the Gadafi, that confronts a civil war from the popular rises of half-full of February, he showed his disposition yesterday within the framework to negotiate an exit to the conflict of the plan proposed by African Unin (UA). The president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, and the Libyan agent chief executive, Muamar Gadafi, would have decided a cease-fire, although this one would have refused to leave the power, in spite of the insistence of the international community, according to informs the BBC. To his exit of meeting that both have maintained in Tripoli, Zuma has announced that Gadafi is arranged to accept the proposal of cease-fire of African Unin (UA), that contemplates the cease of all the hostilities, including the bombings of NATO. It is not the first time that the Government offers an unilateral cease-fire, that has been rejected repeatedly by the rebels, who solely persecute the aim of the regime of Gadafi to take step to a democratic transition.

The past month of April, Zuma headed the delegation from the UA to Libya with which Gadafi negotiated a cease to the fire. Nevertheless, shortly after the loyal forces retook the attacks. The visit of the president from South Africa to Tripoli supposed the reappearance in public of the Libyan leader, for the first time from the past 11 of May, when it met with Libyan tribal leaders. In the images, spread by the state television, Gadafi appears saluting to the surafricano president and several high governmental positions of this country, before walking by a corridor. Later, Gadafi and the surafricana delegation appear seated in white armchairs in an ample room. The state television has not clarified in what place was exactly. Source of the news: Gadafi reappears in public and assures that it is arranged to negotiate a cease-fire