Javier Aguirresarobe

After six goyas, and one dawn of teacher of the photography direction, Javier Aguirresarobe (Eibar, Guip’uzcoa, 1948) went. To the other side of the Atlantic, " to follow aprendiendo" , to work in other types of cinema. " They called for the Mexican Arrncame the life and I have been connecting a project after otro" , the film director responds from Montreal. The excuse to chat with the Guipuzcoano is the opening yesterday in Spain at night of fear, remake made in Hollywood – it is to say, in 3D- of a classic one of the ochentero terror. " It has been a peculiar experience, because it is the first time that worked in stereoscopic and in digitalis. The truth is that the running has been very fast, to the rate of a normal production, because with the digitalis we advanced more express and compensated what 3D could ralentizar&quot to us;.

And what can be contributed new? " Attempt always to move away me of the cliches, to combine concepts of illumination and that surprises, although in sequences as the one of the cellar you go directly to the pure horror. The original very strange era, seemed difficult to me to improve, and what we have done it is to rejuvenecer it and to bring it to the 21st century ". 3D is the future? " I do not know it, likes but I see that people are getting tired. The digitalis yes that helps: I finish finishing The five-year engagement, a comedy with Emily Blunt and Jason Segel, also in digitalis, and were days that we ended until six hours of material, because with the digitalis wheels and wheels, the actors can improvise without stopping. Although those that we have worked many years with celluloid we like the tone of skin that gives that material". Source of the news: : Aguirresarobe: " Every day I learn algo"

Egyptian Empire

In order to mention only an example, the millimetric precision in the general measures and the angles of pyramids of the old Egyptian Empire, it gives testimony of the care with that colossal emprendimiento projected so. The same can be said of civilizations like the sumerian one, Babylonian and Greek, in which have been representations architectonic in cylinders of stone, papyruses and parchments, among others the supports of writing, that would be the precursors of the construction planes which we know at the moment. It is possible to mention, to illustrative way, the use of columns or inner pillars and arcs to offer him to more stability and support to the structure as it shows of the design advanced for the time. For more specific information, check out Roubini Global Economics. All this confirms the careful attention that occurred in some cases to the architectonic planning, from the initial stipulations, or in planes, similar schemes or guides until the selection of the appropriate raw material. The passage of time has taken on the one hand to the use of new materials, more resistant, lighter and more lasting. And on the other, the practicidad in the design by the aesthetic one goes away lazy of side, which takes to concentrate itself more and more in the details architectonic.

The particular house is not only a place to live with basic and the indispensable thing for the subsistence but it is, nowadays, the scope in which the individual can express and set out its tastes and preferences. From the planes already it is possible to be appreciating the customized design that the proprietor tends to impose in his house. The use of materials and his more varied combinations create different atmospheres and differentiated spaces good, each with their respective moods and personality clearly defined. Far they were those constructions of houses of great pieces and high ceilings that were distributed around a central patio that served like unique nexus between each as the rooms as the same or of those others in which the bath with their dependencies was outside the scopes of the main dwelling. Nowadays the practicidad in the functionalities of the house and the calidez that is printed to him to each one of the quarters of the same, causes that new challenges for the professionals of the architectonic design appear. These challenges do of the architecture race, a rich profession as far as possibilities, since the professionals and the students of the same must learn not only how to use the diverse construction equipments on which they generally count and the different technical aspects in the construction, but in addition she must know more subjective element use as they are it the different edificativos styles in fashion and how to make to give an own personality him to each of its projects. From the theory overturned in the initial planes and bocetos to the materialization of the same actually with the house once finished in which one has considered the personal preferences of those who really will be the inhabitants of the same and they will have to enjoy its facilities and comforts in the newspaper to live. In order to unload planes architectonic, it visits the following page: Original author and source of the article

Allianz Sand

Guardiola obtains with strange facility that their equipment is recognizable, plays that plays, puts who puts, or in the preseason or the decisive phase of the year. For more information see this site: Jonah Bloom. Pep arranges, the t-shirt demands and the establishment responds to him. In the Allianz Sand muniqus, in the end of the Audi Glass, Barcelona has gained him the end to the Bayern de Munich with two goals of Thiago, the first of head and spectacular second, in a party in which Barcelona has returned to have good position, criterion when playing the ball and a good pressure it loses when it, axioms that summarize the azulgrana game. The steering wheel grows and grows and it goes away of Munich turned into better player of the match and maximum goleador. While the club, Arsenal and Cesc Fbregas continue playing their divided individual of chess, that would have to give with the bones of the captain to gunner in clothes of the Camp Nou, Hispanic-Brazilian honour number 4. Source of the news: : The noquea Bara to the Bayern in Munich


And whenever it threw the tarot to somebody saw that we arrived at papa and mother. Everything what happened to them was by they dealed with how them children. Men loved by their mothers did not look for pairs that either do not land on water and thus everything was repeated what they had happened. But not only the parents have as much influence the brothers, also, because with them we entered the land of the competitive thing, the competition by the site and the love. Also the uncles have importance. But our sexuality, for example, comes given by the sexuality from the parents and how they educated to us. Our emotional education depends on the relation of our parents with our grandparents.

My parents were orphaned, so they did not know to be parents, because they did not know the love paternal. What can produce what it has been happening in our tree? It can produce social neuroses, crazy ideas, feelings of resentment, grafted sexuality, absence to us of creativity. Or quite the opposite. What discovered to you their genealogy to him? To learn to love, to create, to being I and not what others wanted outside that. Perhaps most complicated it is to stop being what others want that we are? It is that it is like a possession of which sometimes we are not nor conscious. To that they come to ask to me I say to them: ponte the mask of your mother and pasate with her to see how the world is seen and to the men through its eyes. Everything it later stops to learn to see with your own eyes. You count who its parents and to his they marked it frustrations until the point of which she did not dare to be more than they When one is young the parents are it everything although they are the worse thing.

Florentine Perez

East EP Sunday has been celebrated the Assembly of Compromisarios of Real Madrid. The president is dndido the work of Jose Mourinho this season. This Saturday, Real Madrid managed to win to the Vallecano Ray in the Bernabu. President of Real Madrid, Florentine Perez, commented during the General Assembly Ordinaria of partners of the white club of this Sundaythat there is " much people who want influir" in the equipment, and she wanted to stress that they were not the guilty of which ' Dcima' year would not arrive the past. " What there is to say is that if we did not gain ' Champions' it was not by us, but sometimes one gains and sometimes it is lost. That yes, we must have the high head and, since I have said before, when we began this walking nonramos nor heads of series of ' Champions' and the past year we played the semifinals.

Even so, I will not stop in my persistence to obtain ' Dcima' " , it asserted the white president during the turn of answer to the questions of the compromisarios. The agent chief executive stressed that the white club " he is very grande" and that for that reason " there is much people who want influir". " Some until are wanted to make notice by their opposition to Real Madrid, but we are majors to know that the successes that we have we have obtained them maintaining to us other people’s to presin" , it indicated. The main critics of the madridistas partners went directed to the attitude of the trainer, Jose Mourinho, to whom some described like " a tiger to which there is to have atado". With respect to this fact, Florentine Perez asked that they did not let themselves influence by the critics that arrive from the press. " Not finger has to be useful in eye Mourinho, that is something that is bad, but I do not hear speak of the provocations nor of other things, that also comprise of dnsa of the madridismo.