Wide-awake Christian To Madrid

The Kids are not the Galaxy. Madrid realized in a moment. First by the little sense of expectancy that created the party. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Bobby Joe Long. In the morning in the hotel there were, there alongside, in about 30 fans hoping to the white equipment and about 300 the Comic-convention hoping an autograph del that Spiderman created. And secondly by the pressure of the Mexicans. They asphyxiated to the targets during good part of the party in front of not more than 25,000 spectators.

Those of Mourinho found hollows for plays to two I touch, but not it portera. Benzema went out in a moment and it tried it to Christian from the distance. Until it was able to approach. It was minute 73. Its goal woke up to the Madrid, that was lost rate and drags with respect to first the friendly one. And if no, he is enough with seeing the rage with which the Portuguese celebrated to it. He repeated shortly after penalti. Once found the way, he did not stop until obtaining the third party.