Tara Reid In Rehab

The actress has now even in a hospital can be assigned a Tara Reid! She seems not so correct to have leased the luck for themselves. At the time all seemed still quite different. Their role in the success series made her famous American Pie. Maybe it went a little too fast for the young actress. After the films namely rather down was with the career of Tara Ried.

Small roles, but no success. Anorexia, alcohol and night carousing by then made headlines for Tara Ried. So it looked like she was at the bottom. Now has let them introduce themselves in a clinic. Her representative confirmed the people magazine today. “Tara has even in the promises treatment center can be assigned a. We assume that their and their family’s privacy is especially esteemed in this time. “Their representative but not told why they now have a hospital has.” We have to press your thumbs!