The Psychology Of Music

He was 37 years old and she 28. Antonia turned out to be an unbalanced woman. Get more background information with materials from (XRP). After two months of suffering of the couple, and after attempting suicide, Tchaikovsky decided to leave and went to Switzerland to recover from psychological trauma. In Clarens composed his Violin Concerto in D major, taking the company of the violinist Joseph Kotek. Nineteen years later, in 1896, Antonina was admitted to a psychiatric hospital where he remained until his death in 1917 will be recalled as Wikipedia says that shortly before he met Antonina Milyukov, Tchaikovsky met a very different woman would be his second love platonic.

In 1876, the composer began a correspondence with Nadezhda von Meck, "his senior, a rich widow, mother of twelve children and educated woman." Once, she attended a concert where he played Tchaikovsky's music and fell in love with his music. She proposed to donate sums of money for him to pursue composition without financial worries. Tchaikovsky accepted the proposal. Among them was established a platonic relationship while economic, but only by letters. One of the fruits of this relationship was Symphony No. 4, which the composer dedicated to him. All went well until December 1890, when she suddenly breaks the relationship, arguing that it was bankrupt, which was not true. Nadezhda is said, believed beloved Tchaikovsky heard the rumors about the supposed homosexuality of the composer who dissuaded him from maintaining the relationship. This break was a blow to the musician. The epistolary relationship had lasted for 13 years during which he never spoke in person.