Launch Tax Reform

It is this an opportune moment to launch tax reform in the United States? 6 May 2009 Obama made many promises in his election campaign. One of them has been the search for management of public finances to reduce as much as possible the fiscal red facing the American economy.The tax issue is not less since the sharp increase in the deficit that observes the American economy can take it to the next crisis. Cowan Financial often expresses his thoughts on the topic. It is true that the Obama Government has an urgent problem to solve and that is get the economy of the crisis. But Bush management has left him as a gift a large package full of problems that Obama will face as soon as possible to avoid possible new episodes of crisis in the future. Inside this package are heard several tic tac, one of which is the fiscal pump that must be disabled as soon as possible.

This is perhaps not the most opportune moment, but the Barack Obama Government considered that it was necessary to begin soon to launch its initiatives of fiscal reform for the American economy. AND on the basis of this belief is that they have already begun to meet some measures. The plan presented by Barack Obama, who has a planning horizon of ten years, aims to increase US $210,000 million fundraising with resources that currently go to tax havens. These first steps are intended to attack tax havens by editing of taxes on American companies that operate abroad. What he justifies the decision of the Government of Obama Act on the companies operating abroad? According to the U.S. Government, in 2004 the companies obtained abroad utilities by paying only $700,000 million 2.3% on concepts of taxes on those profits. This data is not very recent, but the situation in recent years has not changed too. The plan of fiscal reform that contemplates these measures, if approved by Congress, would take effect in 2011.