The conjuntivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctive one, that is a thin membrane that covers the frontal part with the eye.This also can be contemplated like having the irritated eyes, that are a very common kind of ocular problem.The conjuntivitis can be infected to come a person to another one with a direct visual contact.Earth surroundings, the unhealthy conditions of life, the overpopulation is some of the reasons, that they can give light to conjuntivitis. Reddening, picazn, lagrimeo are some symptoms that show that it is possible that this infection. Nevertheless, to do against this ailment it can simply adopt some natural remedies for the conjuntivitis.The natural remedies are a type of method to cure any type of disease like which it used to be in the first years of gold.The treatment natural remedy has several types, commonly is known like the naturopata, the nature cures and natural products.The natural resources are compound of several natural methods or ways to cure any type of diseases, including the cure of the conjuntivitis.The style of treatment with natural remedy is basically to avoid that ordinary medecines that are created by the mixture of several chemical compounds.But it is not possible to cure any disease by means of the adoption of any type of natural remedies, there is specific type or method of entrance of the natural no resources.Several types of diseases like cold headache, chimney, acne, indigestin exist that can cure by the common one of natural remedies or of another disease like the dry skin, jaundice, conjuntivitis, pains in the joints, taken care of of the hair, the bursitis and many more also can be cured by certain the natural resources. Thus, in the case of the natural remedies to cure the conjuntivitis, there is something of interesting, simple and useful, it can do and it in house like next: – The combination of Indian thorny currant juice, the fusion with the honey is very beneficial for the conjuntivitis.A cup of juice of this impressive one honey spoon must be consumed with two oh twice in a day to see the first results. Recently Dara Khosrowshahi sought to clarify these questions.