Grundfos Boiler

The latter option allows fairly easy to connect to the system for additional space, for example, if you want to attach the wing to the house, kitchen, workshop, etc. The main thing is that the boiler output was sufficient. Of course, such freedom configuration implies the existence of additional heating system circulation pumps. Check out Darcy Stacom, New York City for additional information. "Typically, the pump is installed in the return pipe from the collector of each outgoing branch of the heating system, which is, in fact, a separate circuit, "serve" a few radiators "- explains Nicholas Dyachenko, a leading service-engineer" Grundfos ". Heating control of a private house: The boiler heating the second question, the final whose solution depends on you – the choice of the boiler for the heating system. First of all you have to determine its type, but rather – the type of fuel. To date, most cost-effective for most Russian regions option – gas boiler. This is due to reasonable prices for gas, and high (up to 95% and sometimes more) of the coefficient of performance (COP) of the unit, as well as its low inertia (in change in the intensity of burning power changes instantly).

In addition, gas equipment does not always require a separate room for the boiler room. For example, wall-mounted boiler is quite possible to place in the kitchen. Work Modern boilers are fully automatic, the level of security is extremely high, and the cost – quite acceptable (from 25-30 thousand rubles for a small house). For private home heating boilers are also available, liquefied gas.