Online Security

The title of this article is not just that, is the stark reality online; Internet security already is committed by the cyber crime in general and the poor in particular, network users. Click camden treatment associates to learn more. It can not be otherwise because to the extent that companies and researchers strengthened systems, aside from bad users and passive observers, the cyber crime also works in parallel to achieve his unhealthy objectives. Let’s look at just a few examples: in its threats report for the second quarter of this year, McAfee warns that the reappearance of Botnets and the vulnerabilities of the USB constitute the main threats for the second quarter of 2010, also that the malware has reached the highest levels, being these first six months of the year 2010 the most active in the total production of malware, while the spam level has stabilized with only a 2.5% growth compared to the first quarter of the year. According to the report by McAfee, the malware continued to rise in the second quarter of the year with 10 millions of new parts as identified. In the last quarter, threats against mobile storage devices became the most popular, followed by the fake antivirus and malware specific to social media. With approximately 55,000 new pieces of malware per day worldwide, autorun malware and Trojans designed to steal passwords/password, complete the list of major malware threats. It is obvious that cybercriminals are in tune with what it loves to the public in general from a technological and social perspective, and use it to lure his victims, said Mike Gallagher, senior Vice President and CTO of Global intelligence of threats from McAfee. In another latest report, McAfee warns that celebrity Cameron Diaz has become the search for most dangerous of cyberspace, as well as other Hollywood stars, since cybercriminals use them to introduce their malware on the computers of the users. .